What Is Legal Aspects in Tourism and Hospitality All about

The tourism and hospitality industry operates within a comprehensive national and international legal and regulatory framework. This course explores this framework and covers the key legal principles that apply to hotel tourism and related industries. Various laws on business organization and various international legal issues such as consumer protection, product and service liability, employment and legal access to the natural environment are addressed. Topics include: domestic and international regulation of the travel and hospitality industry; consumer contract law; the law of carriers and restaurants, the obligations of tour operators and agents, the Travel Insurance Act; the law of deposit; the responsibilities of travel agencies and tour operators; hotel management law; Liquor Licensing Act, Gastronomy Act; gambling law; marketing law; consumer rights and complaints; the law governing payments (including international credit card payments), freight forwarders and hostel financing; Criminal and civil liability of persons working in the travel and tourism industry. This course also examines the law governing the issuance of visas and travel documents and takes into account the responsibility of operators, agents, carriers and government instruments with regard to health and safety issues (including the art of terrorism). 3 years Diploma in Hotel Management and Technology BS in Business Administration major in Finance.