10 Traffic Rules in English

1. It is very important to know the traffic rules to stay safe on the road. 13) Wearing a helmet on two-wheelers and wearing a seat belt on all four wheels is one of the most important road safety rules. Children tend to sprint across the street wherever they want. This can be dangerous because passing vehicles do not slow down unless there is a signal or intersection. Tell your children to cross only at one intersection and use the crosswalk. If they are in a small neighborhood where there is no intersection or marked intersection, they must follow the above rules. 5. Traffic lights help control traffic movements and are located near the intersection of roads.

In a moving car, you can make sure your child is safe with the help of a car seat or seat belts. To see that they are safe in a moving vehicle without you, make sure they learn and follow these simple rules: 1. Traffic rules are the laws enacted by the government to ensure vehicle regulation. 2) These rules help maintain discipline on the roads to avoid accidents. 2. Traffic lights play an essential role in traffic rules. 2. It shall contribute to maintaining road safety and efficiency on the roads. 6. In India, traffic takes place on the left side of the road.

9. If you are a regular driver and need to carry your car every day, try to share it with other visitors nearby. In this way, you protect pollution and save yourself from traffic jams. Unlike adults, children do not have the maturity to know what to do and what not to do when walking the streets. Without adult supervision and adequate knowledge of road safety rules, children can put themselves at risk. According to a 2014 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3% of people who died as a result of traffic accidents were children (1). Statistics also show that in the same year, 480 children were injured daily in road accidents. What is even more disturbing is that of the 4,884 pedestrians killed in road accidents, 207 were children. According to the development of technologies and the strict monitoring of the traffic service, the accident rate has decreased, but the need for time is that everyone should follow the traffic rules and prosecutors should be severely punished by law enforcement. 3) Most accidents are due to negligence and non-compliance with traffic rules.

5. You must take care of the speed limit already mentioned in the traffic rules. 9. Parking rules should be followed to reduce congestion. 1. As a responsible citizen, it is the responsibility of each person to follow traffic rules and follow signs to be safe on the road. 9) Road safety rules play a crucial role in preventing road accidents and saving precious lives. 3. With the improvement and development of traffic control and traffic rules, traffic accident errors will gradually decrease. 4. In addition, the traffic rules were applied under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. If you have an older child on their way to school or the neighborhood, make sure they know and follow the following cycling rules to stay safe on the road.

Read on for more rules and information about road and road safety for your children. 3) Safety rules help us prevent traffic accidents and deaths. It is important to teach children about road safety, as they tend to spend most of their time outdoors exploring and playing. They can start explaining traffic lights and signals so they can track them. Teaching kids about road safety is also a fun task, as you can incorporate these rules into many games for a fun learning session. You can also plan a trip to your city that focuses solely on teaching your child road safety tips. This article has you covered with most of the tips, so bookmark it. 11) Road safety rules protect commuters and pedestrians from traffic accidents and save their precious lives. Understanding traffic rules and regulations is essential to walking or driving safely on the roads while avoiding accidents and other incidents.

Road safety awareness helps you know the rules regarding traffic lights, street crossings, sidewalks, animal safety, speed limits, etc. The safety of pedestrians, stray animals and motorists can be ensured if road safety is taught early in life. 6) Road Safety Week is organized every year in January/February to raise awareness of traffic rules. 5) The government and the traffic department organize various awareness campaigns and days to raise awareness of road safety rules. According to the WHO report, about 1.25 million people worldwide are killed by road accidents every year. Therefore, it becomes very important for everyone to follow the rules of road safety and make them known. It helps save precious lives of individuals and families. 9. These rules help to maintain discipline and traffic on the roads. 10. The traffic police shall implement the traffic rules and take action in the event of a breach of the rules.

Sometimes a hand symbol is used instead of the “Walking Man” or “Walk” signals. Talk to your child about it too. If there are other symbols for pedestrians, you should let them know. Gradually teach your children the other important traffic lights they should know. 12) There are some basic safety rules in India that, if strictly followed, could prevent a large number of accidents. 7. Traffic rules are the most important aspects to avoid road accidents. If there are no sidewalks, teach them to walk on the left side of the road to deal with oncoming traffic. 8) We must always follow the traffic lights. These road safety rules save us not only from fatal accidents, but also from other people on the roads.

The government and ministries of transport regularly organize various road safety campaigns and awareness programs to ensure that people understand the importance of road safety rules and strictly follow them in their lives.